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John Haywood Music Time-Line

Currently does shows and dances performing old time music.  He performs solo and with a group.  He performs with Lee Sexton, Rich and the Po'Folks, and the Travelin' Snakes.

2012-Performed with MASTERS OF THE APOCALYPSE (an Early Metallica cover band)

200?-2008-Performed with PONTY"S CAMPER, an old timey punk band you could call it.  Probably still a myspace page out there...

2008-PONTY"S CAMPER featured in the MTV film WILD AND WONDERFUL WHITES OF WEST VIRGINIA.  The bonus features on the disc include an extensive interview and dance segment with HAYWOOD, PONTY's CAMPER and JESCO WHITE.

2001-2004??? played in GREEN FORMICA TABLE.  A weird noisy mathy punk band that included NATHAN HALL, SALENA FALICHIA, and RYAN HALL.  All originally from east kentucky, but the band was based out of Louisville.

2000-2001- Played bass in pop punk band POINTDEXTER,(based out of Prestonsburg) and drums in another punk band called MARCUS BROWN.(based out of Morehead)  Both released home made cds..Pointdexter did releas a 7" once upon a time.

1998-1999- Played in a punk band called BLANK (prestonsburg) with RAY CAMPBELL and CEPHAS SLONE.

1994-1998-More like the floater years...Played barritone in the High School Band, played guitar in the High School Pep band, and a couple or two named projects like WALUP. 

1994-Played in Metal Band BLEEDER...played what one could call an historic show at Stumbo Park in Allen Kentucky..there is a video out there of it in the world.

1991-1993-Had a garage punk/metal band called Eagle 7..still have a tape of it.



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Never Get Drunk Anymore

Performed at the Kentucky Historical Society

Interview with Haywood

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Johnson's Old Grey Mule

Travelin Snakes Opening For Nine Pound Hammer.